No. 006 Oyster Shell Gin


It would make sense that Canada’s First Oyster Shell Gin would come to showcase BC terroir. No. 006 Oyster Shell Gin.

A uniquely contemporary-style gin that balances foraged BC botanicals from the arid desert climes of the interior wine region with the minerality and nutrient-rich excess of the BC coastline.

Bright wind dried lemon flavours paired with Okanagan desert sage harmonize with a hint of umami and briny finish courtesy of locally-sourced Fanny Bay oyster shells from Vancouver Island BC.

Winner of the 2023 BC Food & Beverage “Product of the Year” and two silvers at the 2023 UK Gin Masters blind tasting competition.

Irresistible in a martini (sake instead of vermouth is our favorite). Substitutes well where wine is called for due to its inherent minerality and salinity.

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Alcohol Content: 43% ABV

Tasting Notes:
Nosing : Crisp, fresh ocean sea air with dry lemon peel and coriander.
Palate : Savoury pine with bold and fresh citrus notes.
Finish : Saline and minerality with a peppery finish.

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