Just A Sec Triple Sec Liqueur


Created out of necessity, the origin of our Just A Sec liqueur began during recent logistics shortages that evaporated every bottle of triple sec across BC.

Having just sourced some amazing citrus peels for another gin project, our mistress of blending famously said “just a sec” to a very sad bar team and after a few hours of distillery magic they were back in business. The current version has been further refined but remains singularly distilled and unfiltered to preserve the beautiful citrus oils that come from exotic imported peels as well as fresh fruit.

Makes a life-altering margarita, use anywhere instead of Cointreau / Triple Sec / Curacao, invigorates a Sidecar, or is simply delicious mixed 1:1 over ice with our Gin No. 005.

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Alcohol Content: 37% ABV

Tasting Notes:
Nosing: Sweet fresh squeezed citrus.
Palate: Complex citrus flavours delivered with little to no acid, relatively dry.
Finish: Light fruit oils linger to keep the party going.

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