Figgy Puddin’ Liqueur 2023


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Our annual end-of-year coveted release of the now infamous Copperpenny Spiced Liqueur. The flavour of Christmas spirit, compressed into one delicious bottle of holiday cheer. Add some to your coffee, bourbon, eggnog or onto pancakes – do the holidays your way.

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Christmas Spice and Everything Nice. (PRE-ORDER ONLY – Est. Shipping Now until December 2023*)

Our most irresistible spiced holiday liqueur is back by popular demand this winter season. Capturing the senses of Christmas baking and warm memories of coming together with family, friends and complete strangers – this one-of-a-kind limited release spirit is an unforgettable gift, even if for yourself!

Starting painstakingly every summer, we slowly infuse baking spices, preserved stone fruit and other secret ingredients into a special base spirit to produce an incredibly rich, buttery spiced liqueur that is naturally settled and only lightly filtered to preserve maximum flavour and velvety body. The resulting heady elixir is decadent and intimately evocative of our fondest holiday memories – exotic Christmas spices, mulled wine, and everything nice.

The most important part of our Copperpenny Signature “Not So Old Fashioned” cocktail, scrumptious in eggnog cocktails, poured over pancakes, ice cream or rounds of charcuterie brie.

This product is only available from mid-November to New Year’s Eve, while stock is available. To not get Santa’s stockings in a knot, we do sell out every year so make sure to get yours today.

All orders placed will be held and fulfilled when spirit batch has been bottled. You will receive a notification upon placing your order that the order has been received, and another email will be sent out when your bottle(s) ship!

Alcohol Content: 34% ABV
Grain: 100% BC Peace River Region Winter Wheat
Still: 500L Hybrid Small Batch

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