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Scandinavian at Heart. Summon your inner Viking. (PRE-ORDER ONLY – Est. Shipping December 2023*)

Like our northern Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch friends across the pond, we live in a vibrant, four-season environment that is constantly evolving around us. Its why we love it here – we all embrace the changes in scenery and outdoor activities, while we keep the apparel industry alive with our clothing requirements. Make the coming of the winter months a little more enjoyable with a traditional Scandinavian spirit to warm you from the inside – Akvavit is a savoury gin-like spirit (an Eau De Vis to be exact) without any juniper-y pine flavours. Beautiful green cardamom, Canadian coriander, fresh BC-grown dill and caraway seed make a spirit that is traditional served chilled as a shot to go along with a pint of fresh light beer, or on its own to brighten the room on a gray fall day.

Pairs amazingly well with cured fish such as gravlax or smoked salmon.

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Alcohol Content: 42% ABV
Grain: 100% BC Rocky Mountain Trench Soft White Wheat
Still: 500L Hybrid Small Batch


All orders placed will be held and fulfilled when spirit batch has been bottled. You will receive a notification upon placing your order that the order has been received, and another email will be sent out when your bottle(s) ship!

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