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Copperpenny Distilling Co.
Copperpenny Distilling Co.
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The Brilliant History of Tonic presented by Copperpenny Distilling Co. at Whistler’s Cornucopia

An old saying : “Tonic is responsible for saving more British lives than all the modern medicine combined”. Find out the origins of this and many other fascinating facts about tonic through the ages and its place in drinking folklore. Copperpenny has partnered with Tarquin Melynk and Robyn Gray, both esteemed cocktail artisans and flavour profilers, to walk you through time while sipping delicious spirited concoctions. They are guaranteed to not only keep everyone in good spirits but also to generously impart a wealth of new knowledge about the world and its love affair with gin and the infamous partner, the tonic.

Presenters: Tarquin Melynk, Robyn Gray

Distillers from Copperpenny: Jennifer Kom-Tong and Jan Stenc

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