Arcteryx Bottle 2

Limited “Bird” Release

Vol. 2022

Copperpenny Gin No. 005 | “Finding Balance”

Alcohol Content : 43% ABV
Grain : 100% BC Peace River Region Winter Wheat
Yeast Profile : BYRS 2021
Still : 500L Hybrid – Single Batch Pot Distillation

With Gin 005 we focused on bringing forward gentle citrus flavours and smoky notes of exotic Mediterranean spices. All of this paired with our smoothest BC grain spirit to deliver an unexpectedly crushable gin.

We dialed back the traditionally heavy pine flavours that dominate many gins to make this a truly versatile cocktail spirit for every bar – literally “caveat-free”, this gin blows up any gin-focused cocktail recipe you can throw at it, and many that don’t even call for gin.

A careful blend of nine of the best botanicals we’ve found globally including Bulgarian juniper, Egyptian coriander, and Moroccan grains of paradise. We must have got something right – Gin 005 has eight global spirits medals and counting.

Sensationally neat on ice; designed with the negroni top of mind.


Water. It has shaped our evolution as a species, ever the focus of civilizations, and all we that we pursue. As we await the annual build up of moisture on the Coast Mountain ranges, we often forget the importance of how a simple phase shift of this most important of natural elements affects our daily lives. Gas. Liquid. Solid.

As is always the case here in the Pacific Northwest, the snow will come in abundance to provide an endless playground – changing the way we travel across a stunning landscape with limitless possibilities. And when the rivers run with snowmelt, Copperpenny utilizes the energy released from a season of exhilaration to sustainably power our electric stills to produce irresistible liquid art – globally inspired spirits using locally foraged BC ingredients.

At Copperpenny, like Arc’Teryx, our existence revolves around the mastery of this unique element and the experiences it creates for us all.
For the love of winter.